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Use of Frozen Semen



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When a frozen semen breeding is being planned the following steps should be followed:

1. Previous to the bitch coming in season, all arrangements regarding the stud fee, stud contract, and any other agreements between the bitch owner and the owner of the semen should be made.

2. The owner of the semen should notify CGR by phone or email regarding the upcoming breeding and the time frame that the bitch is expected to come in season.

3. Identify the veterinarian who will be performing the surgical or trans-cervical insemination and notify them in advance of the upcoming breeding.

4. The first day that the bitch comes into season (the first sign of bleeding or swelling) it is necessary to notify CGR with all the shipping details and breeding planning information. This is done by filling out the "Semen Release Form" that can be sent to us by fax. This form must be filled out completely in order to ensure that the shipment will occur. CGR will contact you with a total for the transaction and fees will be collected in advance by using our "pay online" option on the website. This ensures a smooth transaction without credit card information being exchanged over the phone or by email. You will receive a confirmation email that the shipment will occur and receipt of payment in advance.

5. Fees: A withdrawal fee of $65.00, an administrative fee of $50.00, a liquid nitrogen fee of $32.00 to charge the shipper and a tank rental fee of $75.00 will be charged in advance. The tank rental fee covers 7 days of use, every additional day thereafter will be charged at a rate of $25.00/day. After 21 days the tank will be considered unrecoverable and the total price for the tank will be charged to you ($1200.00).

6. Canine Genetic Reserve needs to be notified at least 10 days in advance of any frozen semen shipment. Anything less than 10 days will be considered an “emergency shipment” and there will be an additional $200 charge applied to the total.

7. If a breeding is cancelled after the process of semen retrieval, paperwork and charging of the tank has begun there will be a cancellation fee of $150.00 made to you to cover the cost of the liquid nitrogen and labor.

8. If a breeding is cancelled after the semen has been shipped than all above named charges will apply a re-storage fee of $200.00 will be charged.

9. More information about CGR can be found at www.caninegeneticreserve.com

10. It is critical that proper timing of the bitch be done utilizing progesterone testing by RIA or CIA +/- LH testing. Only surgical and trans-cervical insemination of frozen semen is recommended.  CGR is happy to consult with any receiving DVM regarding ovulation timing and insemination.

11. The semen owner is responsible for all charges incurred through CGR. These charged are to be pre-paid by either the semen owner or the bitch owner.

12. International Semen Shipments vary in terms of cost and involvement based on the Country.  CGR will be happy to supply the necessary documentation and give individual estimates for fees for all International Shipments.  Please note that every country has its own regulations and guidelines that need to be strictly adhered to achieve compliance.

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