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Semen Storage Forms

Canine frozen semen is stored in a pelleted form in vials within liquid nitrogen tanks. These tanks are very reliable and not dependent on electrical power. The quality of the frozen semen does not change with time. When semen is collected and frozen, there is a post thaw assessment performed to determine the quality of the frozen semen. The total number of breeding units from a particular collection will vary based on breed, age, semen quality, semen quantity and freezability. Canine Genetic Reserve will maintain the frozen semen indefinitely and be available for shipping anywhere in the United States. To freeze semen that is to be used Internationally - it is better to plan in advance and collect the semen individually for a particular international shipment and run all of the countries required tests at the same time. Each country has different requirements when exporting semen so it is critical to plan this in advance and make sure all appropriate steps are followed. Contact us with any questions regarding International shipments of semen - we are happy to help!


You will be billed annually for semen storage in the same month the dog was originally collected for semen freezing.
Annual storage fees are $75/year for each group of 10 breeding units. Prompt payment for annual storage is expected
and late fees are accrued for every month the account is past due. Unpaid balances will be sent to a collection agency
if payment arrangements are not made. No transactions for shipping/receiving frozen semen will be made for accounts
with past due balances.

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