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Dr. Heather SteynDr. Heather Steyn is a graduate of the Colorado State University Professional Veterinary Medicine program and has lived in Colorado since 1991. She attended North Carolina State University for her Bachelor of Science with a minor in Genetics as well as a focus in Animal Behavior. Dr Steyn has been a member of the Society for Theriogenology since 2003 and has pursued a residency position with the American College of Theriogenologists for eligibility for board certification in this specialty field. She has had a professional interest in canine reproduction for her entire career and has gone through extensive training and certification to handle frozen semen and fulfill the AKC requirements to run an Internationally operated canine frozen semen bank.

Dr. Steyn has been involved in the dog show community since her childhood, showing as an all-breed handler for greater than 15 years before pursuing veterinary medicine. She has a strong dedication to the breeder community with a focus on heritable disease, breeding program evaluation, artificial insemination, (fresh, fresh-chilled and frozen) and an extensive knowledge base of AKC breeds. She has dedicated her time and efforts to the breeders to help them evaluate and improve their breeding programs with assistance in confirmation evaluations, temperament testing and pedigree analysis.

Breeding for health, temperament and confirmation are ideals that Dr. Heather Steyn understands and practices within her own breeding program. Dr Steyn’s goal is to assist reputable breeders in achieving high reproductive performance with their dog as well as eliminating heritable disease, improving their breeding lines furthering the quality of purebred dogs.

Dr Steyn has spent 2011 pursuing her dream of building her own veterinary hospital in Fort Collins, CO. In addition to the reproduction specialty services and Canine Genetic Reserve, Dr Steyn is proud to announce the opening of Advanced Animal Care of Colorado as of November 2011! Please visit our website, give us a call or stop in for a tour!


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